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Walk-in Baths

Walk in bathroom door and seat

Walk-in Bathtub Installs

Walk-in bathtubs are one of the best choices to provide safe and convenient hygiene. 

Benefits of Walk-in Tubs:

  • Handles for easier moveability
  • No more slippery shower floors
  • Built-in seating
  • Easier entry and exit than traditional bathtubs.

SanSpa Walk-in Tub FAQs

To clean your walk-in tub, we recommend doing this after each use.

  • Use a soft cloth with a mild soap and water. 
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and scouring pads.
  • If hard water minerals form, use vinegar and water to help soften and clean. 
  • Regularly disinfect your tub with bleach diluted with water. Do this to keep tub and jet system clean and sanitary.

The amount of water a walk-in bathtub holes varies on the model.

The models we carry from SanSpa carry the following:

  • 5129 models hold 60-65 gallons without a person in the tub
  • 5126 models hold up to 50-55 gallons without a person in the tub.

A walk-in bathtub valve can fill at around 18 gpm (gallon’s per minute). Depending on the water flow this can take anywhere from 2 in a half to 4 in a half minutes.

There are many types of walk-in tubs. The SanSpa walk-in tubs that we carry are composed by acrylic finish with ABS and fiberglass backing which comes in a smooth texture. The door and jam are made of aluminum. The tub frame is made of stainless steel.